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Supply chain finance

An introduction to supply chain finance (SCF)


Course Outline

An insight into the market drivers, types, operation and benefits of supply chain finance.

The workshop will provide attendees with a practical understanding of the characteristics of the market and sector, an appreciation of the challenges of working capital management in the supply chain, the various forms, and how supply chain finance can operate to the benefit of all parties.


1 day

Who Should Attend?

Companies, bankers, lawyers and accountants.

The course is suitable for the following parties involved in international trade – purchasing, finance, operations, administration, credit risk and compliance.

Course Content

  • What supply chain finance is and how it differs from traditional trade finance
  • Financial challenges and performance risks in the supply chain
  • Key drivers for supply chain finance
  • Market characteristics
  • Supplier led receivables purchase (disclosed and undisclosed)
  • Buyer led supplier finance
  • Considerations of recourse; repurchase events
  • 3rd party servicing and receivables purchase platforms
  • Nature of documentation
  • Key features:
    - Working capital cash to cash optimisation
    - Cost reduction
    - Risk mitigation
    - Automated trade finance settlement
  • On boarding
  • Value proposition for the supplier, buyer and financier:
    - Funding, liquidity, working capital optimisation
    - Risk dynamics
    - Administration
    - Reporting
    - Enhanced supply chain relationships
    - Competitive edge
  • Implications and considerations for the buyer, supplier and financier

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