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Invoice finance & factoring

The mechanics of invoice finance & factoring


Course Outline

A practical guide to the operation of invoice finance and factoring.

The workshop will provide attendees with a practical understanding of how invoice finance and factoring operate, the key risk considerations, eligible transactions, funding prepayment, the nature of dilutions and retentions, and security, both from a users and financiers perspective.

The intermediate course also provides a more detailed review of facility agreement clauses, dealing with insolvency of the client, recoveries and an opportunity to participate in role play.


Entry level 1 day, intermediate level 2 days

Who Should Attend?

Companies, bankers and financiers, lawyers, and accountants.

The course is suitable for everyone involved in the raising and financing of sales invoices – to include sales, finance, operations, credit control, administration, credit risk and compliance.

Course Content

  • Types of invoice finance and factoring and how they work
  • Key variants:
    - Availability of finance
    - Bad debt protection (with or without recourse)
    - Notice to debtors (disclosure/non disclosure)
    - Sales ledger administration
    - Collection
  • Risk assessment; client, debtors, reservation of title, terms & conditions of purchase and sale
  • Understanding key limits; MAFIU, buyer, funding, dilution and debt turn
  • Documentation; proof of delivery/collection, audit trail and relevance of Incoterms® 2010
  • Working with credit insurance
  • International factoring and special considerations
  • Survey/audit assessment*
  • Operation of sales ledger control, client account, current account and trust accounts
  • Security structure, waivers, priority agreements and assignment of debts
  • Dilutions and retentions
  • Restrictions (ineligible debts)
  • Calculation of prepayment availability
  • Key facility covenants, warranties, undertakings and termination events*
  • Facility breach and implications
  • Operational fees and charges and penalty for early cancellation
  • Insolvency of the client and recovery of debts*
  • Role play*

*Intermediate course only

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