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AXS Trade Finance - A Practitioner's Guide to Trade Finance
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Trade finance and banking specialists

Trade finance

A practitioner's guide to trade finance


Course Outline

A practical guide to international trade, key risks, use of documentation and trade instruments to mitigate risk and the financing of import and export transactions.


The workshop will provide attendees with a practical understanding of what trade finance is and when it should be used, the operation oftrade instruments, how trade finance can release funding where conventional balance sheet lending is constrained*, risk mitigating features and the tools required to achieve the best financing structure*.


The intermediate and advanced courses provide extensive case studies and role play in order to determine the optimum funding structure in a range of scenarios.


This course can also be packaged with “The fundamentals of structured commodity finance” and/or “Trade risk evaluation; presenting a case for finance” .


*Intermediate and advanced courses only


Entry level 1 day, intermediate level 2 days, advanced level 3 days

Who Should Attend?

Companies, bankers, lawyers, freight forwarders and accountants. The course is suitable for everyone involved in sales, finance, credit risk, compliance and operational roles.

Course Content

  • The fundamentals of trade finance
  • Trade finance; an alternative to balance sheet lending
  • Contract terms, trade documentation and Incoterms® 2010
  • The operation of letters of credit, collections and avalised bills of exchange
  • Post shipment negotiation and discounting of letters of credit
  • Pre-shipment finance against letters of credit*
  • Transferable letters of credit
  • Back to back letters of credit*
  • Red and green clause letters of credit*
  • Advance against export collections
  • Forfaiting
  • Receivables finance using credit insurance*
  • Invoice finance and factoring
  • Export Credit Agency (“ECA”) financing and government guarantees*
  • Purchase order finance
  • Import/trade loans
  • Import letters of credit; usance payable at sight*
  • Stock finance*
  • Trade cycle finance*
  • Supply chain finance*


*Intermediate and advanced courses only

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