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Bank payment obligation (BPO)

An introduction to the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)


Course Outline

A practical and insightful introduction to the recently introduced Bank Payment Obligation. This workshop will provide an overview of what the BPO is, how it can be used, the mechanics of its operation, together with work flow examples and case studies.


This new instrument of trade payment and financing will continue to grow and evolve and it is thus important that trade finance practitioners, corporates, lawyers and accountants have a good grasp of this new concept and can thus converse with their clients with confidence and seize market opportunities.


1 day

Who Should Attend?

Trade finance practitioners, bank officers, corporates (payables, finance and treasury), auditors, lawyers, and accountants

Course Content

  • What is a BPO?
  • The parties
  • The mechanics and operation
  • Establishing the base line
  • Baseline amendment
  • The Transaction Matching Application (TMA)
  • Messaging
  • ISO 20022 TSMT messages
  • Data matching, mis-matches and acceptance
  • Financing opportunities
  • Work flow examples
  • BPO business scenarios
  • Overview of ICC URBPO
  • Capital treatment
  • Case studies
  • The use of BPOs/latest developments

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